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We are here to serve you, our honored guests in Batanes.

Our Story

It began over 20 years ago when our grandfather Honorio Roberto started having visitors from the United States Coast Guard. Mr. Roberto served as a mechanic in the Loran Station while it was in use by the U.S. Coast Guard (1953 to 1972). I remember he told me how he got the job. The commanding officer of the station gave him a test: "Mr. Roberto - take me to Basco". My grandfather then proceeded to inspect the Jeep, starting with the tires, gasoline, engine and critical components. The commanding officer said, "what are you doing?" Honorio said "Sir, I am making sure the vehicle that you will be riding in is safe and ready for you." No other applicant did a safety check of the jeep and the commanding officer was impressed. Shortly thereafter, he got the job. Honorio made many American and Filipino friends throughout his career and many came back to visit him as he got older. This is how his daughter, Lidia Roberto snagged the love for helping people experience Batanes. Ever since then, Lidia has kicked off tourism in Batanes by helping produce the movie "Batanes" with Iza Calzado and Ken Chu, and then by managing one of the first hotels in Batanes - Batanes Seaside. Over the years, Lidia has started a cafe, a catering company, and more recently, a humble restaurant, Hiro's Joy Cuisine - serving speciality Ivatan cuisine. It has received many accolades from our international visitors. Lidia also setup LidiaJoyHiro Batanes Tour Services, also known as Amazing Batanes Tours, so that we can help guests such as yourself find our humble Tour and restaurant service from the internet and social media. We can't wait to share our beloved island with you, come visit us and truly experience Batanes as it is meant to be - with warmth and hospitality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best experience and service for our guests in Batanes. Our guests may come from all walks of life, but we know they have one thing in common - they want to come to Batanes and have a good time. It is ingrained in our culture that we serve our honored guests with love, honesty, and fun! We look forward to serving you!

Our Team

Get to know the wonderful Ivatan team that will provide you the excellent service you deserve in your Batanes experience.

Lidia Roberto

Manager and Head Chef
Also known as Lydia Roberto, Lidia's heart and passion is people. She loves tellings stories and welcoming people from around the world to Batanes. Born and raised in Ivana and Basco, Batanes, Lidia was once an avid DJ in Manila and was also an expert seamstress before she turned to starting Tourism in Batanes. Over the years she has helped produce the movie "Batanes" with Iza Calzado and Ken Chu, and has introduced Batanes to many international guests, local dignitaries, actors, singers, doctors, corporations, families, Senior Citizens, and more from all over the Philippines and the World.

Leah Roberto

Social Media Manager and Tour Reservations Officer
As an avid amateur professional softball player with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, Leah loves helping people learn about and visit Batanes. Born and raised in Basco, Batanes, Leah can't wait to help you out!
Sylvia Roberto - Culture Director at Amazing Batanes Tours

Sylvia Barsana

Batanes Culture Director
Born and raised in Ivana, Batanes, Mrs. Barsana has lived in Batanes throughout her 80+ years. Having seen Batanes from World War II to present day, Mrs. Barsana has many stories to tell you about the history of Batanes. With a love for learning and numbers, she has worked for the Department of Transportation, was a college teacher, and an Executive at Saint Dominic College. She was married to the late Honorio Roberto who was the one of the first mechanics in Batanes and who served with the United States Coast Guard at Loran station. Ask for Mrs. Sylvia Barsana when you visit us in Batanes and she will be more than happy to tell you about the history and culture of our wonderful island.

Your Amazing Batanes Team

Singers, Dancers, Staff
Throughout the years, our wonderful staff has had the pleasure of providing guests like you with the warmth, hospitality, friendliness, and fun you deserve in Batanes.
“Everything is worth it! Thank you Sir Hiro, Ms. Lidia, Ms. Kaye & Kuya Lito for taking good care of us during our stay. Thank you for being very accommodating. We really enjoyed Batanes and will definitely go back. We hope to see you again soon. Two thumbs up for Amazing Batanes Tours.”
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